Bigfoot named as Johor Hominid


Bigfoot named as Johor Hominid
02 Jul 2006

JOHOR BARU: A website set up by local researchers of the Johor Bigfoot has named the elusive giant biped as the Johor Hominid.

The website stated the Johor Hominid phenomenon was probably the most significant and mind-shattering discovery in anthropology.

Its founders, biodiversity researcher Vincent Chow and palaeoanthropologist Sean Ang, told the New Straits Times on Friday that evidence of the Johor Bigfoot compiled so far showed it was an unknown species of Homo erectus (a species of hominid believed to be an ancestor of modern humans that existed about two million to 400,000 years ago).

Ang said data compiled by Chow were “believable”, adding that scientists could come face to face with a living species of prehistoric man.

Chow said the first mission of the website was to protect the Johor Hominid so that its conservation was guaranteed by the Government as a part of world heritage.

No actual photos and pictures, no actual captures… unlike the rare rhino and camo-snake… this one seems stupid.

They Could barely protect most of the extinct animal population, …Now they want to protect something they couldn’t see…?? :?

Is this the same Sean Ang who used to work doing the EIA for the Bakun project several years ago?