Need to have a little knowledge about bicycle, searched on google about it. So, what’s the difference between BMX, Road Bike and Mountain Bike? And prices? Which one cheapest and which one most expensive… Can all of it be used on roads? Might get one for using on road and might use it on soil/dirt too. What’s the average price for the bicycle I can get (below rm500). Which shops in Miri provide good service and also bicycles with reasonable price?

Bump~ someone help please ><

if you have googled about bicycles for sure you have some ideas on the differences.

let’s get to the main idea what is your area of interests? road? jungle trekking? freestyle?

should be on road coz i definitely cant go on jungle…so, bmx is for freestyle, but can it use like normal bicycle on road too? i heard that there’s some bicycle wif different gears which you can use on road, speed and mountain…

then mtb suits u better. it comes with front only or full suspension + variable speeds. u can change to road tires if you don’t go offroad, and vice versa. the cheapest is around rm500 but u can go for better makes if u can afford, like trek, merida, scott etc.

for roadbike, it doesn’t come with suspensions, so you’re limited to use it on the road only. but for sure it’s lighter than mtb, means you can go fast on the road compared to mtb.

for fixie no suspension and locked sprocket, no brakes. not recommended for beginner.

Which store selling with wise price in miri?

yeah…wanted to know too~

u can try look around behind ma baker, the one near imperial mall. good luck.

Hi infrasonic, if you want to get a bike for road and dirt use, go for mountain bike. If you want to just mainly ride on road, take a road bike.

I would suggest you go for mountain bike as you can ride it on the road and offroad.

Go to Hiap Ho cycle Work near Boulevard. All the bikers hang out there and you can find lots of differents type of bike.

Also, check out

If you need any further assistances, please PM me.