Bicycle lane for miri

(allokitty) #81

Our group lot of them use Merida, one of our buddy broke the bottle holder eyelet on the frame and he got new latest model as replacement. Merida warranty very reliable.

So which one did you choose?
Go to this website: to check what you want from Hiap Ho.

(stupidhead) #82

when on the road behave like a car… like a small car lah… not like a hilux and think you own the road… be visible, make clear your intention (for e.g. signaling), and follow road rules - observe traffic lights, keep left unless turning right, try not to overtake from the left, etc. etc. etc. but even that will not guarantee your safety because there are a lot of stupid and inconsiderate drivers on the road. and those assos are very bad for your health especially when your body is heavier than your vehicle…

(jcmk) #83

Thanks Allokitty & stupidhead for your advise !! Will soon take up bicycle as my hobby !! 8)
Hopefully one day i can join the MMBC for some biking adventures. Wonder for beginner like me, shud i go for mountain bike or road bike ? I think i will use it mostly onroad than offroad la.

(allokitty) #84

After 10 year later we have bicycle lane! 500m
Yes Mirian after 10 year of waiting we finally have bicycle lane! 500m… that a good start …lol. :grin: Hopefull they add another 500m after another decades and after few generation and many galaxy later i think we will reach COPENHAGEN, DENMARK status. grin: Also extra wild habitat too.