Let me share with you the investment just launced on 1st Feb, 2007. Coming to Miri in Mid March, 2007.

[u] [/u](log in with referral id MYFI00167169)

combination of e-investment and mlm.

1) BHG investment plan (BIP) for 10 months

usd100                         5% per week 
usd1000                        6% per week 
usd3000                        7% per week

usd5000 8% per week

eg usd100 x 5% = usd5 per week (7days)
usd5 X 4 = usd20 per mth

2) BHG referral Plan (BRP)

20% on investment amount and top up

[u]3) BHG Global-Link Plan (BGP)[/u]

for every 5 sucessful investor introduce by you and will earn 25% of the amount invested. and 5% from your downline's group sales.

[u]4) BHG Financial Plan (BFP)[/u]

5 groups' sales with usd1,000.00 each - Fund Manager
1 Fund Manager in your group            - Executive FM (guaranteed basic  allowance usd1,000.00)
2 Fund Manager in your group            - senior FM (GBA USD3,000.00)
1 EFM and 2 FM                                  - Fund Director (BSAUSD5,000.00)

until max BSA40,000.00

Interested can email me at

Is this scheme approved by Bank Negara?

lol i dont think the website is real… the theme and pic look exactly like HYIP and you have to key in a referal id everytime u wanna go in the web… what if i log at friends house? and if i were already a member still i have to key in those stuff to get into the main page… waste of time actually… the programmer who set this site is not professional enuf to encourage us to join this investment also ler…