Beware of syndicate offering WiFi vending machine investment, Mirians told

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Alan Ling

MIRI: A syndicate preying on Mirians to purchase or invest in WiFi vending machines priced between RM20,000 and RM40,000 which allegedly could earn them thousands of ringgit, turns out to be a scam.

State DAP secretary Alan Ling Sie Kiong said it’s a crime to lure people into buying the machines, and many of the victims were still waiting in vain for the machines which have not been delivered.

“I call it a sophisticated white collar crime with innocent people their target,” Ling said when contacted yesterday.

According to Ling, the company would promise the buyers or investors that they could get a few thousand ringgits in a few months if they purchased the WiFi vending machines for internet connection.

“The company’s representatives even told the buyers that the machines could be placed at airports, schools, universities, hospitals, and commercial centres.”

Ling, a practising lawyer, disclosed that he was approached by two of the victims over the scam. One of them told him that he had paid the full amount while the other said he had to pay monthly instalment for the machine which was never delivered.

Ting thus urged the police new commercial crime director Datuk Amar Singh to look in the case with the view to prosecute the perpetrators in court.

He also appealed to the police commercial crime section to be more aggressive in investigating this kind of crime.

On the other hand, he hoped the public are more aware of such promotion that sound too good to be true.

He also called on the people who have been cheated to lodge police report.