Beware of scam

some updates, number from 0128622784;
message contain:

“Taniah, simcard anda t’lah berjaya cabutan BERTUAH Wang RM 10,000 dr"POWER ROOT” SDN BHD.Sila hub office Ditalian

012 8622 785, terima kasih"

what i did was, i really call them up

me: hello?
PowerRoot 01(known as PR): hello. (stays silent)
me: may i know where is this?
PR 01:(huh?) apa? tak paham?
me:(hmm…) oh, hello, kat mana sini?
PR 01: ini KL (stay silent)
me: ohhh, ini number orang ke, line company?
PR 01: oh, ini company POWER ROOT.
me: ohh, ismail ada?
PR 01: oh tunggu… (me: OMG… really got such person! i was panicking… try to stay cool~)

PR 02(ismail): hello
me: hello, ismail?
PR 02: yea?
me: oh, i dapat sms from company (i forgotten what i say, something dutchlady or nestle…) kata saya menang 10 ribu…
PR 02: ohhh… yea, apa nombor encik?
me: ada kan kat telephone you?
PR 02: oh ada ada…
me: ini company (nestle or ducthlady, forgetten) kan?
PR 02: yea…
me: oh… kat mana?
PR 02: melaka (WTF< just now PR 01 say KL??? LMAO)
me: boleh say dapat IC bang?
PR 02: untuk apa?
me: i mahu buat laporan polis tentang scam… (haven finish…)
PR 02: tut… tut… tut… (Sweat)

lesson learn: instead of letting people scam you, always try to scam them first for thier company information

btw: i make a report to maxis already regarding this scam, i do not know maxis will EVER take action on these numbers. :slight_smile: i wonder how many ppl gotten these sms?

interesting but this one really gets the scammers, check this site out:

good 1, but i never got those scam messages yet. will be on d lookout if received one. thanks 4 sharing the info.

haha… i got it b4 but is in chinese 1… say i won RM50,000 and ask me msg to bla bla bla number. luckily i din msg coz my fren kena scam all the phone credit gone…

[quote=“dopamineblitz”]interesting but this one really gets the scammers, check this site out:[/quote]

haha yea! but this is international… now we are facing local one… we ought to do something. today we are required to register our name to our phone number (or company name) but then, they never use this system to take action on people who still does (even kipnap) scam using these mobile number. i am dissapoint.

i got 1 of this few months back, same message. sms-ed them, no reply. haha!

edit : oh , besides all this, i’ve been getting, loads of SMS lately, regarding what Hot video lah… this that, Sometimes i get this comww.sis MMS that loads up … i think its meant to ruin your phone ( those who have windows mobile,etc … beware).

oh darn… i have windows mobile.

.sis only affect symbian OS. so nokia Nseries and E series bewareee~~ :stuck_out_tongue:

akireco: yea, i got those same sms too… wat yo sayang, wat wat wan see hot video? activate what send to XXXXX, careful, they can charge u rm100 per activation! i never tried,… coz no interested.

i received the scam from Email, asking me to give my password and user name, and the website is not even valid, how stupid can they be?

they may be stupid, but they targeting people who are more stupid(ier) then them… (errr why my nick appear =.=|||)