Beware of NokiaN8 scams!

This person tries to sell Nokia N8 to me near Public Bank next to Nam Leong. He said he wanted to sell it off quick and it is stolen, but I remembered someone bought one of the same phone and also under similar conditions but the phone is not functional, so I threatened to call police and he ran away. Later I managed to snap a picture of him when he tries to sell to the stall owner. Beware of such scam!

With such photographic evidence of a suspected thief and statement from you, why don’t you lodge a police report immediately at the nearest police station to you?

LOL…i know this guy…he got some more partners scamming at my shop area…i saw them almost everyday walking around with N8 in their hands looking for buyer…those are China N8 but they fake it and say it was stolen from someone…

he was at UOB bank few weeks back…

Problem is if they report, they could be accused of buying stolen item.

…saw one guy too at near maybank near UOB a few weeks ago ,get into my car and suddenly a guy came near and ask me"yo,(showing me the phone from his shirt)mahu phone ini kah? saya mahu jual oh"
what the fish…i quickly drove away full speed…==
think that’s one of his gang==

humm…this guy again…
ever offer an iPhone 4 to me…

once i hold the thing, immediately know it is fake…
without even bother to try, i give it back and said No…

but he didn’t said it was stolen,
only saying that he needs money to go back indon.
need to sell his phone.

Problem is if they report, they could be accused of buying stolen item.[/quote]
Well they didn’t buy it/have the ‘stolen items’ in their possesion, and since there’s a few of them here who know about this might as well clamp down this ‘syndicate’. :roll:

Isnt buying stolen goods a crime?

I’ve got some indon friends,from what i know…those seller r mostly indonesian, they sell all new models phone…n8,iphone,samsung galaxy s,galaxy note…but all these phone r not original(replica/fake).
They will try to con u claiming that the phone is stolen or need to sell urgently because need money.They sell at price range between rm400-rm800. I even heard they bought these fake phones at a very low price from some hp shops at imperial mall,dunno how true is it.

I agree with Eugene91, you should report it.