Beware of Immigration fraud!

DIAC Regional Director Jose Alvarez speaks of immigraton fraud on Indian TV.

Mr Alvarez also covers Students wishing to study in Australia.
He talks about people brainwashing Indian students to get them to study certain things to get migration outcomes.

‘If somebody is making you an offer that is hard to believe, don’t accept it, keep away from them’.

The conversation goes on to say that a lot of students and families in the Punjab state have suffered because they have been duped. ‘There are a lot of good agents out there’. 'Agents get their commissions from institutions. ’

‘There are agents around who are very genuine, and are able to navigate people through a complex system without cheating them’, he says.

No mention or reference is made to registered migration agents.

Websites such as DIAC and High Commission are mentiond by Mr Alvaerz but not the Office of the MARA.

Mr Alvarez talks about Australian institutions being ‘recognised around the world’.

‘There are lots of opportunities for employment upon completion of studies in Australia’, he says.

Promotion of University courses is done with positivity and Vocational training is cited as having had problems.

Mr Alvarez talks of professional bodies who make skills assessments. He speaks of the professions having registration authorities and that there are requirements to meet before you can obtain registration to practice.

Rhe ‘agents’ referred to are basically unregistered offshore education/migration agents. Use registered migration agents when it comes to prevention of visa fraud The job of a registered migration agent is to get your the right visa !

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