The human bot fly is really a primate bot flyit normally infests monkeys. The primate bot fly belongs to the Genus Dermatobia, in the fly Family Oestridae. This family of flies are also known as warble flies, and infest all manner of mammals, including horses, cats, and mice. (One group, called snot bots, specializes in living in the nasal passages of hoofed mammals.

This is a true story, and bot flies that attack other mammals are common around the world. Bot flies that will infest humans, however, are rare. Notice that nearly all bot fly stories have one thing in commona visit to forested areas of Central or South America. If you arent there, or visiting there, dont worry!

How do you get rid of bot flies?
-ts best if you have a doctor remove them. Theres a risk of infection if you tear or damage the maggot during removal.

*im kindda afraid when i read about botflies…erghh… it disgust me.hahaha… so,if you see any flies,even if it is not botflies,better you tempek or kill saja. hahaha. i have some photos for this flies and the maggot or larvae,i got it from internet.

just awesome… :shock: :cry: :cry: :cry:

i watched that video too… hahahaha… poor that monkey… but that botflies worms are different,i guess,because they’re black. cant imagine ig that thing in my head. haahhahah

creepy to see they put out 2 to 3 of those things from the same hole… man…

that’s right… just imagine,if that thing is at my neck… adoiyah… really creepy…and disgusting.hahahahaha

Thankfully, you cant find them in msia

yes2x… you’re right… huhuhu

WHAT THE EFFFFFFFF!!! ALL I CAN SAY IS EWWWWWWW HOLY!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

hahahahahahahaha…so,dont go to africa