Beware of Fraud and Scam

Dear All,

I’m one of the job seeker who loves to applying jobs from internet and there is one day where I help my friend to send an email to one of the company which is post a vacancies at one of the Jobs website. And what happens is they email my friend saying that they will send his resume to HR for them to review and their company is based in UK and the work location is in Brunei as they said. Then at 10 p.m they call my friends using a private number and make a short phone interview and they asked my friend to check his email if he is accepted for the position he applied for. In the morning, my friend open his email and he was very happy because he is accepted for a job but he still confused because normally the positions he applied for needed them to attend a test and not interview but as the company said they needed people urgently that’s why they don’t have a time to test them. In the email its include the appointment letter which is stated the Name, Position, Salary and rules and regulations. And all of us are shock to see that the salary they offer is USD$8900.00 per month <—this is to good to be true and once again my friends are feeling weird about it. And then few of my friends says that maybe they are from UK that’s why they offered you this high. But in the offer letter they asked my friend to refer to one of the insurance company which is represent the company in Malaysia and my friend need to pay to them some amount for them to help my friends make his VISA/ WORK PERMIT and other document. In the Employment letter they giving a very high class accommodations an lots of thing but keep reminding my friend to sign and contact the insurance company. We did check their company website and they really have the website but only the website from the insurance is “UNDER CONSTRUCTIONS” and then we check the company profile and check all the award that they ever win and guess what we get?? We found out they are copying one of the oil and gas company profile in UK. THE COMPANY NEVER EXIST and ITS A FRAUD. Luckily my friend are not signing anything yet but we are afraid that because he send his resume and certificates to the company and afraid that they are using his profile to cheat others. Then after that we check in Google the list of the Fraud/Scam company. This people are even using a big and famous company names to cheat others. Beware of those employer who are using gmail, yahoo, and so on unless you know the company is Exist then you can apply through the email.

Message : Before signing any document or accepting a job offer especially from any company that we never heard before, makes sure make some researches first for safety.

Thanks for your making us aware of this and to avoid in the near future

Hi Thienol,

Yes absolutely because my dad’s friend ever being cheated by those people and he bank in 25k without making any research and nowadays there’s a lots of scam through the internet even my brother is being cheated because he want to buy a puppies online…

DEAR y aokimakioangel69

So fortunate that,including your goodself,not all inexperience jobseekers are an easy prey to scammers.
Sharing tips:

  1. Understand your value
  2. Credential/experience
  3. Seek helpful friends advice who can share your doubts/confusions
  4. Letter of offer or phone call promises if pronounced honeysweet “TOO MUCH is TOO TRUE” to be junk; chanters/witch craft/magicians/scammers capitalize on your prompt response bcos the offer to your feeling is a lottery-size prize; that stir your thirst for money jumping borders; instead take your times, if it is real offer, let him or the company arrange everything. A real company,from overseas or local, who offers a real employment, Never Ever burden his employee-to-be to borne any costs financially; please remember this!
  5. If you believe in God, take time to pray asking for wisdom
  6. If the employment company is NOT known to you from somewhere, eg. UK, USA, Nigeria, etc,etc,call the particular embassy in KL asking for assistance. Say you need to talk to External Commercial Crimes Services Rep. Once you report your case to them, they will guide you & verify the physical existence or nonexistence of the company on the ground. It may take times, please do not proceed or on more specific term, DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY to the job advertizer until you hear from the contacted ambassy. “They,(the scammers) can only threat you to say that if you do not pay the money on time according to the dateline, they may offer it to the next person in the queue”. Be cool,control the communication. Let them swallow their own sweet offer. You can loose the verbal opportunity but please do not loose your collective & hard-earned savings by paying it to strangers in the dark
  7. NEVER TAKE A WEBSITE for granted; the fake ones are mostly makeshift purposely generated for fun,experiment,training, badly cheating

Have a safe job hunt until your dream job is imminent. Do not give up, but get up!

Hi Desmond,

Thanks for your additional advise and I bet that is what my friend do before making any decision because it is to good to be true in the Employment Letter with a very little experience my friends had…but God Bless everything is fine now…nobody is paying for them self if they are hired by any company…