Best nasi Lemak in town

Hard to say which is the best nasi lemak in town when there are not any up to the mark. Out of this group I think Lada at Boulward Buisness aread is just okay.

Boulevard Food Court Stall 22 Sizzling Corner RM4… can say ok la…

where in the shopping complex upstairs ?

alamak restaurant

naga liar?

yea r level…

have you all tried the nasi lemak kukus behind the Labuan cafe area



talking 'bout food, anyone tried the new place in town, near Persatuan Melayu and melanau? close to the miri post office?

yes…so nice

what kind of food do they serve? western? local? got bbq like ikan bakar ect? price and service?

Nasi lemak segar is the best on thier spicy sambal and coconut rice. i guess many ppl knw this place. opposite this old KFC at town. same roll with the chinese drug store. try there…

i think nasi lemak special thr nice …

Naga Liar is the best :smiley:


any comment about nasi lemak serve in kaya&toast?

the sambal is not tat spici but the glutinous rice very2 nice tho

i never try there…
how bout the 1 at the muara river tat side? heard my frens say vry nice but i also not yet try…

new restaurant/food joint opposite post office, turning to the road to the magistrate court, on your left.

but prepare for the lousy service. well, the place just opened for less than a week. when i was there with bunch of friends, it was the 2nd day. we waited for close to 2 hours. 7 of use, only 3 had their orders served. i had my nasi lemak. taste real good, yes.

rasa segar nasi lemak, what’s up with the sambal?

For me,I would say naga liar WAS the best…Now, I rather go for rasa segar

where is tat placE?