Best Char Koay Teow Penang - stall at Serai Wangi

Thanks guys for the comments. Smallee…If we peel off the shell, then the juicy of the prawn will gone. We had tried before. :#…Noyze…Cook from mainland. We prefer to call it that way because our cikgu told us last time it is Penang Char koay teow not koay teow ganja. This is the halal version. Lard is a pork fat right. No we dont use such things. Maybe you can try and comment again later. Anyway thanks for the comments. We will try to improve to meet your satisfaction. :slight_smile:

@ezraaris post some picture here please, then will attract more customer to your stall :slight_smile:

COol then like that its just Char koay teow lah lolx