Best app of all time

So basically, I was scrolling the android playstore today looking for useful apps ( i guess that’s when you know you don’t have a life). And there were so many new featured apps which were just overwhelming for me.

So what do you think is the best app (android or iOS) that you use the most?

Mine is:

I know it’s all quite mainstream. So let’s share what are yours? So that ppl can actually know some useful apps. :slight_smile:

Easy, WhatsApp

I don’t think there’s “best app”.
But there’s pretty much of useful one.

wgn_white said:
I don't think there's "best app".
But there's pretty much of useful one.
I know there's no best app if you make it general, but which apps do you like the most personally?

Quora app - best question and answer site so far. If you like reading other people’s experiences, fancy reading answers from industry experts such as astronauts and porn stars, or just want to increase your general knowledge without being too choosy about the sources/accuracy, this app is a great way to pass those 10 minutes.

Fancy is a pretty good one as well, try it. It’s almost like instagram except the photos are showing actual stuffs that are available for sale (mostly), from single digit to 5-digit in USD. I find it cool because many unique, well-designed goods being sold there.

google earth

Twitter is probably second best.

UC Browser - Fast and easy downloading online video.

Then the Mail apps in iPhone, and Google Chrome.