Below 5k goog 2nd hand car

Iā€™m Looking for cheap second hand car. Can use for daily driving. Anybody know where i can get it just PM or reply here. :smiley:

5K for a cheap second hand car?? dont think so can get worā€¦

Rambuā€¦ welcome to

Honestlyā€¦your 5k in RM is quite difficult la to get your self a car in Miri. But surely it is possibleā€¦ just need to wait for the right timeā€¦Good luck dudeā€¦ :wink:

if u want lau pauā€¦maybe can laā€¦but for sure u need to do maintenanceā€¦will be very costlyā€¦

got 1 citroen RM7.7k interested? It is now a daily driving car, selling because he just bought a new car.

RM 7.7k to much for me. Maximum my budget 4k like in transformer movieā€¦ ha ha

rambuā€¦ why not look into a bikeā€¦ with 4k, u can get a good bikeā€¦ but with 4 k for a carā€¦ ur pocket might burn out for maintenanceā€¦

think abt itā€¦ :wink:

4K for downpayment issit?? heheheā€¦then reloan?? :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe got some old kancil or some old toyota car in used car dealer

still very hard worā€¦now how much is your real budget actually? u dont mind buying kancil issit?

hrm 5kā€¦ i heard one of my friends saying his dad wanted to sell a honda civicā€¦ the one like kotak oneā€¦ engine etc still in tip top conditionā€¦ thing is it doesnā€™t have power steering and air cond is not working.

rm5k can get a toyota corolla ae80 8) i know someone bought a EG8 for less than rm10k 8)

what car noā€¦? maybe i know that person.