Beef with Stroganof sause - [WTB]

I’m looking for the subject food, not at Servey i checked aleady

try gk…

seriously… it looks like my sai this morning. :!: :!: :!:

what is sai?

waste product from digestive tract expelled through the anus…

thanks for insulting western food

it’s obvious you have never been out of Miri

P.S…just stick to the pau :lol:

you thank me for insulting the western food :?: it doesnt make sense :slight_smile:
i have cooked and made western food in the last 20+ years of my life living in this country more than you have done any in your life :slight_smile:

i am telling the truth, if you dont like what i say, then too bad… it looks disgusting. :slight_smile:

try to cook it urself…its simple & easy