Beef Jerky

Anyone have idea where to buy beef jerky in Miri?

bak kua better then this rubbish…hahahaha

I’m asking where to buy beef jerky, not your food preference (and Bak Kua ain’t that good to me). :roll:

Try GK supermarket in Pujut - I got some there on Saturday.

Noted! Thanks! :mrgreen:

Found beef jerky…but quite pricey.

wat is this beef jerky bro nice?

Haven’t open and eat it yet.

There was another brand of beef jerky, 50mg @ RM8.50 but its locally made (from Kuching). Maybe will try that one next time.

Indonesian famous of their Dendeng Sapi.

I bought it that time and tried it.Honestly I think bakua was more worth it and had more flavours and quantity.

Well overall beef jerky ain’t so great. It tasted like any other types of preserved food like we have already now.