Beauty centre for men!

I want to look good and young therefore i am looking for beauty centre
where i can go for facial in Miri.

Is there any centre for men only?

The fact that I and most of us overlooked this post means you probably have a tough challenge ahead finding one specifically for men, Blackskin… you can probably ask around some of those existing beauty centers and see if they take in men. If you need anonymity you can just secure their phone numbers and call them…

Those beauty care and services for men is pretty common in KL but rarely prevailing here.

The shops here could actually provide this service to man as well, even they dont mention it, you just have to ask for it.

Blackskin, do you want a skin whitening treatment? Michael Jackson?

Heya Blackskin, Junkai’s right. I recommend that you go to Nadia, located in Imperial Mall. My brother goes there.

wat kind of services did u bro get there? =)

and how much it cost roughly?

Acne treatment facial wash. I think if was RM60 per session. My mom goes there too. There are other package deals and types of facial treatment. You need to find out.

Anybody know where is the best hair shampoo massage service? I’m a sucker for that.

tat is not too costly but neither is it cheap ==

should include the masking , hair wash etc…><

anyway i bet all kind of these are costly, while in other places where the demand is a lot while the competition is great, u could find these services in any unisex saloon (majority are unisex though) at pretty affordable prce ^^