Beautiful but Dangerous!

Melbourne weather is very hard to predict. Well on yesterday, 9 Nov 2011 the day time is very sunny but when it reach around 6pm the weather change become… refer to the picture below, since picture speak louder than word.
[#289] | A stormy night | Chealse Vo | Flickr
The 6.55 services to Belgrave and Cranbourne from Box Hill… | Flickr
Storm season I. | Fred Zhang | Flickr
Incoming.... | First photo i took when i got here to get rig… | Flickr
Melbourne Storm - 9 Nov '11 | Got down to the beach after wo… | Flickr

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aah! don’t know why the image doesn’t want to appear at here. Well the reader need to click on the link that provider to view the image.

i see nothing

hey dude, Melbourne sux!

[quote=“parut”]i see nothing

hey dude, Melbourne sux![/quote]

mate check this link
and what make you think that Melbourne suck?

after that what happen? i wonder how hard would the thunderstorm could be after that beautiful cloudy sky…