Beause this product, my cousin slim 4kg in 20days~ thank GOD

[size=150]Beause this product, my cousin slim 4kg in 20days~ thank GOD~ A Wonderful Life~


[size=200]KKM Certificate Approved~!![/size]

Be Aware, Chose the products that safe to consume!! We care about your health…


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Company : VinCinx BeauSlim


Janice/Miss Fong

location : Sarawak ( All States In Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei are welcome)


[size=200]CNY Promotion Packages Launched.!!

Dear All[/size]
CNY package will be come out at 15/01/2011 until 31/03/2011.

Fat Burning Package - 2 Mocha + 2 Beauty Solution

Cocktail Solution Package - 1 Mocha + 1 S Hot Chocolate + 2 Beauty Solution

Hot Chocolate Package - 4 S Hot Chocolate

Each CNY package: 30 pcs Angpao, x1 pc Designer porch bag, x1 pc A Wonderful Life Calender pocket card, 3 sachets of Beauty Solution

3~Fat Burning Set(2mocha + 2Beauty Solution), Cocktail Solution (1mocha+1Hot choco+ 2BS), Hot Choco Set(4 Hot choco). 30AWLAWLCalender3Beauty Solution!! ~

Fat Burning Package
End-User RM520WM, RM540EM

Cocktail Solution Package
End-User RM500WM, RM520EM

Hot Chocolate Package
End-User RM480WM, RM500EM

A Wonderful Life @ 2011[/size]