Beaten while looking for help * for his dying mum *

[b]Tuesday June 17, 2008
Beaten while looking for help

JOHOR BARU: A restaurant worker who flagged a passing car for help to save his dying mother was instead robbed and beaten unconscious by the occupants of the vehicle.
Foo: Died from an asthma attack.

By the time help arrived about two hours later, his mother had died from an asthma attack.

The incident occurred in Skudai yesterday when Moh Cheng Mau, 39, returned home from work around 3am to find his mother, Foo Yoon Yew, 63, fighting for her life.

Cheng Mau left his mother near the door of their home along Jalan Hang Jebat 52 in the care of his younger brother Seng Fong, 37, and ran to stop a taxi about 100m away from their home.

According to the victims elder brother, Mok Aik Kuan, 41, the taxi refused to stop and Cheng Mau then flagged down a dark-coloured car with four men inside.

He begged them for help and got into the vehicle when they told him that he had to follow them to get an ambulance, he said.
Badly hurt: Cheng Mau recuperating at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital Monday.

Aik Kuan said the men stopped the car near a graveyard about 300m away from the house, beat his brother unconscious and robbed him of a handphone and around RM500 in cash.

According to him, by the time his brother regained consciousness and staggered back home, it was past 5am.

Neighbours then called the ambulance and police, he said.

Aik Kuan said the ambulance took his brother to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital for treatment as his mother had died at about 5.40am.

Cheng Maus face and body were swollen. Two of his ribs were broken, he said, adding that his brother had also been repeatedly kicked and stepped on with studded shoes.[/b]

It saddened me to read this news.

[b]Wednesday June 18, 2008
Filial son gets the sad news

JOHOR BARU: The restaurant worker who was robbed and beaten while trying to get help for his dying mother broke into tears when his elder brother told him that she had died.

Moh Cheng Maos elder brother Mok Aik Kuan, 41, said he only gave the news to his brother yesterday when he visited him at the hospital.

He also said that he was forced to tell his brother that he would not be able to attend his mothers funeral as he had to be kept in hospital for further observation.

Mok said his younger brother, who was a quiet person and close to their mother, suffered severe injuries to his lungs and underwent an operation on Monday. He also had several broken ribs

Moh was badly beaten up after he ran out to flag down a passing car to get help for his mother who suffered an asthma attack at their home in Jalan Hang Jebat 52 in Skudai Baru at 3am on June 16.

Instead of helping him, the four occupants in the car stopped near a graveyard about 300m from his home, beat him unconscious and robbed him of his salary of RM500 and his mobile phone.

By the time he staggered home and neighbours alerted the police and ambulance, his mother, Foo Yoon Yew, 63, was dead.

Mok, a hawker who lives in Singapore, said Moh and their youngest brother Seng Fong, 37, stayed with and took care of their mother at their house in Skudai.

Nusajaya OCPD Supt Abd Aziz Ahmad said that three men, aged between 20 and 30, were arrested on Monday night in connection with the case.[/b]

I hope the OCPD really catch the real culprit.
Condolence to the brothers…

Typical Malaysian nowadays, morality low. Survival of an animal. Its a shame place we live in.

My prayer to him and condolence, RIP.

What wasn’t mentioned in the news is that the line for the ambulance was ENGAGED, which was what prompted him to go out searching for help.

for their lawlessness, the robbers deserve to be sentenced to die by firing quad.

condolence to the bereaved family

West Malaysian what do you expect… org sendiri pon di makan… sik kah kesian? Anyway, condolence to the brothers. They should be the one to dig the grave of their Victim’s mother… and then have their legs and hands cut off and put in a speeding car once the cuts are healed.

If i’m the police who caught the culprit i will beat the 4 stupid man to dead, then charge mati dalam jel…

School high-high!! Stupid people never DIE!!!

Nang kerja lepeh, nak polah macam ney… lepeh oh lepeh…

damn…sad 2 hear this is goin on wit our country…
quote by fallenelves “Nang kerja lepeh, nak polah macam ney… lepeh oh lepeh…” right on,… kawan dirik pun, pun mok dimakan… been thru it… i knw…

we are in a dog eat dog world. hmm… now the word NEVER TRUST A STRANGER comes in. Pray for the world and the family. Condolence.

me also live at skudai. Must not go out limteh at night d.

but they did not mention whether the culprits are malaysian or foreigners. It might be those foreign workers who always cari pasal in our country… :expressionless: