Beach risks becoming inaccessible due to damaged road

MIRI: Tusan beach, which is a popular local picnic spot near Sibuti, may get cut off if the road leading to it is not repaired immediately.

According to a visitor from the city, Abdul Latip, there are two sections of the stretch that are damaged due to recent landslides.

I was surprised by it. I hope the relevant authorities (Public Works Department and Subis District Council) could do something about it immediately, he told The Borneo Post here.

He believed that if the sections were not repaired soon, the damage could become much worse due to incessant heavy rain hitting most parts of the division.

It would be a shame if Trusan beach got cut off because of this. The beach is a very beautiful spot, with sandy shoreline and blue sea as well as a cliff and a small stream running through it.

The place is ideal for picnics, hiking and gatherings. It is also a magnificent spot for photographers, especially during sunset. In this respect, Abdul Latip also suggested that the local council further promote the beach for tourism by setting up sitting areas and building a proper parking space.

Sibuti, which is about an hours drive from here, boasts other beautiful beaches, including those in Bungai and Peliau, where people from as far as Bintulu and Brunei come for their weekend outings.