Beach Burger by the Beach Boys at Esplanade

Hungry? Looking for something to eat at the beach?

Welcome to this Beach Burger Stall at Esplanade.

what is the business hours?

ooo Laguna Beach (Esplanade)… I am beach tpye kind of boys. Hehehe … well it’s my fave spot to have a date and etc. Like I was in Laguna Beach, CA :oops:

Business hour is from 2pm to 7pm (Saturday & Sunday) only.

Business hour is from 2pm to 7pm (Saturday & Sunday) only.[/quote]

:smiley: weekenders same goes here, i like go there at weekends :smiley:

seen quite a lot of small stores selling foods in that area. So how would u rate the taste and quality of this burger store from 1-10?

I need to try it la this time when I get back… so please rate for us… :smiley:

I rate it 8/10. Still nothing much interesting I think they should see ice-cream instead.

wow…8/10 sounds like it is good man… so i need to throw it in my eating list then.

tat is my opinion lar… here consider cheap bah at London u spend 4pound for one burger something a burger stall.

In US. I can say damn cheap. U can order a pizza about $2 or 3 bucks only. Plus buy one free one.

haiz…talk about other country pulak=.=mirimiri lah here…nyum local burgers are always nice for a change compared to fast food burgers

Yum yum I like burger :smiley:

yupe burger!! at least double cheese burger or triple cheese burger or more!! yummyyy

any where else we could get good local burger now?? please list out la for others coz sometimes, when we feel like having a bite after dinner, ppl can go straight la. As for me, the one i know is

  1. One near the Pujut 7 main road - 7 or 8 / 10

  2. One in Piasau link area, somewhere in between the main road from Jin hold apartment to Piasau Link’s garden. This malay kid is setting up his store just outside his house. 8-9 / 10.

  3. A lot more in town… but never try except the one in front of the “The Pub.” hihi…

Burger Stall is the best cuz a lot of people tend to buy it rather than they drive to McDonald or Sugarbun or elsewhere.

the only burger i will get from the fast food store is from Burger King. Unfortunately, the one in Miri already closed. So everytime when i transit KL or Singapore, Burger King’s burger will be my lunch and dinner…

You can see the burger from mcdonald and sugarbun… waulau… it is getting smaller and smaller… not sure why they do maintain the standard like what they use to sell before especially mc donald… when u purchase a big mac, u will see the different between Miri’s Big Mac and Oversea’s Big Mac.

So i prefer burger from outside stall la… 100% if in miri.

I’ve been into McD in KL, Kuch and KK totally different than Miri. Darn… wat happen dude… Big Mac is my favourite last time it used to be large nowadays become a little medium. McD is my fave spot to have some gathering with my friends.


yalah burger from mcd getting smaller…n the bigmac here tastes like a vegy burgertoo much very…vegie to mean ratio 2:1 hehe…

i just drop an email to Mcdonald Malaysia and inform them about the size of the Big Mac in Bintang Plaza. Will keep you guys posted if I do get any feedback and might need some of you to check it out… reason, I m not in town la…hehehe…ok…Cross finger and hope the size could grew back to original… otherwise, i think they can change name to Sugar Bun2 liaw la. :wink: :wink:

Hehe… best. You’ll be our first MCDonald burger size activist… Go Smallee!! If the burger size increase when I return to McDonald miri, I will remember you for this… hahaha 8) :lol: :lol: :lol:

hahaha… i hope that email will works la… and put the Big mac back to its original size to fill up our stomach… :smiley: :smiley:

if not, then I might be thinking of writing in to Mcdonald Corporate and complain to them…hahahaha…