Bbq fish~

I love nice food…I love tasty food…LOL…and I’m looking for nice bbq fish…any nice place intro?

I love food and the food loves me!!!

rumah asap @emart…mcm mcm ada…

rumah asap???exact location?i tried the one at pujut 1(house with red blinking light) and its quite nice thr…hav to wait but its worth it la…

somewhere in tudan…it is a house that is always on smoke… :smiley:

Rumah Asap ? You mean that BBQ place near the 7-11 mart and the porky pork shop near E-mart. :stuck_out_tongue: … yummy

Ruma Asap really produced delicious bbq fish, you can visit their website to know what are there specialty…

Mooncake Special

The one at Merbau Road is very popular, A lot of people every night, but a bit expensive …

Try Apollo Seafood Restaurant… or Taman Selera (stall no.7) ^^

tried all the places mentioned above but still prefer the 1 at pujut 1

got a place near Daily bread

What’s the total damage after you’ve tried out all these BBQ places?