Batu Satu Lutong new fishermen’s market waste of money, claims Miri MP

MIRI: Miri Member of Parliament Dr Michael Teo has claimed that the new fishermen’s wet market at Batu Satu Lutong and its facilities are a white elephant as they remain unoccupied since its completion in 2017.

(Seated from left) Dr Teo’s personnal assistant David Hii, Dr Teo, Miri Amanah chairman Yeo Kian Leong and Amanah Miri secretary Ngu Hang Cheng during the press conference.

The Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leader alleged at a press conference yesterday there was no proper survey or planning and consultation with the people before the project was implemented.

The two new toilets vandalised by irresponsible persons.

“It is important for the government agencies to conduct a feasibility study before implementing any project for the people,” he said

Dr Teo claimed that one of the reasons why the fishermen were discouraged from using the new market was because it had no jetty.

“One of the main problems faced by fishermen is there is no outlet for their boats to go to sea from the new boat sheds. They have to go through the Kampung Batu Satu old fishing market (some 900m away),” he said.

The blown off roof of the boat shed at the fishermen wet market at Batu Satu Lutong.

He said any future project should be preceded by a proper survey and feedback from the people.

“It is a waste of taxpayers money. It serves no purpose and is a great disappointment to those who are supposed to use it,” he said.

He said the facilities at the new market have been vandalised and the roof of the boat sheds had been damaged by strong winds.

There are 24 boat sheds and 20 fish stalls at the new wet market at Batu Satu Lutong. The project reportedly cost RM200,000.

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