Batu Niah Micro photo with my Fuji s9500 camera

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what r they doing ???

woot alex laoda start 1st…nice shoot =)

You have kacau their privacy.

hehe,i dun think so,maybe they should “do it” in their bedroom,not in public,kena saman later :mrgreen:

anyway,nice shots alex899,more pics pls :smiley:

wa… very nice! I like the colour and details. Any post processing?


u r great… they make love also kena u shot shot!!! kekekekekeke well done!!! the fuji mini slr also can produce nice shot oh!!

Thank u all

niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… :smiley: keep it comingg… :wink:

nice man.

btw im also going to niah dis weekend. but until now didnt have proper gear for photography.

anybody can suggest places dat i i shud look for?