Barking dogs


Moved back to Miri 6 weeks ago, nice house in Desa Seri except a F… annoying neighbor across from us with dogs barking non stop day and night; for some reason they were not barking when we looked at the house before moving in…

After a few sleepless nights, I went and tried politely to speak to the owners twice; typical reaction from arrogant Chinese rich people" What can I do about it" was the answer and just walk away from the their gates… the dogs are kept in cages ( what they call a kennel) far too small for them, and just bark at anything/any1

I want to formally lodge a complaint now, but have no idea where to do it, any suggestion?


lodge a formal complain and dont know where to do it? easy. go to the fish market my friend!

It’s the guy with the big house right? They are really stubborn and arrogant.Went to talk with the owner.The owner bark more than that dog.

Fight fire with fire. Play the loud techno music and see if the dog owner enjoy it too.

maybe dog still does not get use to your smell yet :wink: they should calm down after a while…like our dogs bark at the new tenant moved in just 2 houses away from our house last time…but when ever the dog barks too long, we just bring the dogs indoor as not to disturb others :slight_smile:

maybe dog is hungry…y dont you throw some “food” to silence the owners… i mean the dogs… ;p

Maybe the dog bark because being lock up and no freedom. Either that or the dog saw something we cannot see.

As to wat to do, a very interesting question. Hope someone here have some good suggestion.

each time i passes dogs in the neighbourhood i whistle. and i always whistle the same tune. sooner or later furious barks will go down to a few barks and lastly to a single bark and a corked ear. single bark from the dogs means “i hear you, now stop whistling that stupid tune” :lol:

modified your ride and let them have some…‘Music’ day and night…

+1 put big muffler for the exhaust system…

what if they call the police and reward him back wif the siren ‘music’ ?

dog in the cage? such unlucky dog.
if you didnt have a good night sleep, you can try starting your lawn mowing machine early morning like 5am… and mow your lawn :lol:
if your neighbour complain kan… then said sorry and you are trying to teach their dog a lesson. :slight_smile:
cant guaranty you wont get complains from other neighbour too though :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the dog is not used to your scent.
Give it some time. See works or not…if cannot…bo bian liao…have to tahan lor. since talking to the cocky owner did not solve anything.

Caging a dog inside a kennel is not good as well… sometime will drive the dogs insane and less likely to recognize the neighbor.
i think the owner raised the dog in a wrong environment.

i think smell not a problem…

though neighbours, i have a feeling the dog is barking more at being caged than at the new guy on the block…
just a feeling…

So next time, survey the neighbourhood be4 purchase any house. U can lodge report at MCMC or Jabatan Alam Sekitar for sound pollution.

Really can lodge sounds pollution compaint?? :shock:

wow…i did not know…learn something new today.
and…MCMC = Miri City Medical Centre ?? or u mean MCC , Miri City Council :mrgreen:

At least after you lodge a complaint report to MCC, they will take action against him. If not you just have to suffer the noisiness day & night. :frowning:

Or u just “silent” the dog when the owner is not around.

A method which i strongly AGAINST !!
No animal Abuse encouragement please.

(tranquilizes orlando with elephant tranquilizer)

i think he will wake up… ohh… sometime around the year 2013…

Hi skyking2, you found an effective way yet to deal with your high ego rich chinese neighbour? :stuck_out_tongue: do up date us tht ya :slight_smile: try the early morning wake up call with your lawn mower too… it usually send a realy good msg across. :slight_smile:
Is dog registration a mandatory in malaysia? it is in many other countries … so you can track down the owner should they go astray and also if the dog attack, usually they will be put down if they found to be wrong… also it is to track down the type of breed and which owner is responsible for their pet if they are causing nuisance to other people living in around the area. :stuck_out_tongue: i think malaysia should do that too if they havent already done this… the local government here manage any neighbours dispute including pet nuisance on top of all other matters … i think i am talking rubbish already ha! ok i butt out.
do let us know how you go :slight_smile: