Bario Rice

G’d afternoon …

Where can I get ori ori Bario rice in Miri?

Thanks … :smiley:

Tamu khas near Tamu Muhibbah.

Whenever I stop by Lawas, I will get it at their Tamu there…or in Miri I will buy it at major supermarket. My family only consume Bario rice, they are more delicious than those super thai/viet.


I presume you can buy this Bario Rice from Tamu Muhibbah next to the Miri Bus Station. Or ask from Kelabit Friends who have store to sell.


Problem is, I am not too sure the ones selling in Tamu (Miri) are the original ones. A lot of them mix as well and claim its from Bario when its from Kanowit etc etc …
Do you have Kelabit friends selling them perhaps you can introduce? I just want 6-10 kilos only.