Bare Lifts Instant Breast Lift

Bare Lifts Instant Breast Lift

Theres Nothing Like It!
Finally, theres a simple solution for sagging breasts without surgery. BareLifts are patented, clear, skin friendly and water resistant adhesive tapes that life your breast from the top, not from the bottom like nothing else youve ever used before!

Use Without or With a Bra!
BareLifts work great whether youre an A, B, C or D cup. They are so comfortable to use, you can wear them without a bra for a youthful look ideal for backless and strapless fashions and great for swim suits too! Or use them with your favourite bra for extra lift and support.

They are truly an uplifting experience!

Bare Lifts As Seen On TV Features:

Easy to use
Invisible tape
Lasts for 24 hours
Fits A, B, C & D cup
Just place, peel, lift & go
Wear with any outfit, dress, or swim wear

Before Use:
Make sure your skin is clean and dry.
Cut the BareLifts along the dotted-cut-lines according to your cup size. (If you are a D cup or larger, no cutting is needed.)
These lifts will provide full support without a bra for cup sizes A, B, C and D.
For woman over a size D cup, BareLifts can be worn with a bra for added support and comfort.

BareLifts instant breast lift invented by a woman, for a woman. The invisible solution to a naturally perky look.

Find yourself always getting frustrated over which is the right bra to use for a certain blouse or dress? Do you constantly worry about how aging or giving birth affects how your breasts look afterwards? Want your breasts to look fuller but dont know how to do so? Worry no longer because the answer is finally here with the Bare Lifts.

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1 Pair RM3.50 (2 lifts)
1 Box RM15.00 (5 pair/10 lifts)

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