Bank ticket system

I am doing a survey about bank ticketing service. I am pity looking aunty & uncle & bank customers being bully by the bank staff.
I went to Public Bank Bintulu on monday to do some saving transaction. I was ask to fill the form before i can take a no from the person-in-charge. As normal, i fill the form and ask for a no. The person-in-charge told me to wait behind the line about 7 persons. I ask why and he said it’s the bank procedure.
He explain… i can only give no once the teller/counter have finish attending a certain no. The officer will notified once the queue is done than he will start giving no to the person waiting. He also said the other bank is also doing it and he is just following order from officer and manager. Sama sama cari makan.
I ask the teller why such a system and she told me they wanted to have a good marking for customer service meaning customer waiting time is less than 2 minute to be serve where by i have been standing and waiting for more than 10 minute before being serve. This is to show the HQ they are servicing customer fast and on time. The aunty & uncle also waiting but never know what happening. We should bring the matter to Bank Negara so that they know what is happening.
This must be stop.
At HSBC, the counter 2 press my no but i was no serve. Instead he serve the customer bring in RM50,000 who do not get any no. There are another 3 customer sitting and waiting for no. The teller ask me to sit and he will call me later. What kind of service is this?? I ask the officer and he can only smile…
This is how they bully the customer. For those who have such an experience please share it here.

Make a complain to their HQ online here:

The bank officers and managers just wanna look good with their so-called “fast” services within the set time-frame for customer services.

ya…absolutely right. They always ask people to fill up the form or bank-in slip, but never provide the sufficient slip or pen, and guides for old citizens.I think the display screen for the ticket system is somehow too small or no proper alocate.