Bakun power for S’wak only

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Bakun power for Swak only
By Samuel Aubrey

Taib says KL agrees state use it first to establish its heavy industries

KUCHING: All the power from Bakun hydroelectric dam, which will be fully commissioned next year and fully operational in 2011, will now go to Sarawak in order to serve the states own industrial needs.This is following the agreement given by the federal government to the states request to have the power from Bakun to be dedicated entirely for the local industries, especially under Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who revealed these yesterday, said the state government was now taking the next step which was to package a deal to lease Bakun hydroelectric dam from the federal government.

The prime minister has agreed with the state government that Bakun will be first used to supply the needs of establishing Sarawaks heavy industries. All of (power from) Bakun is now available (to us).

We are now packaging a deal to lease Bakun from the federal government This is a good start for us, and its going to bring continuous development in the future, he said at the opening of a new factory for Sarawak Cable Berhad at Demak Laut Industrial Estate here.

With that announcement, it looks likely that the plan to export power from Bakun to the peninsular via submarine cables by 2015 will not be implemented as originally scheduled.

Bakun dam is scheduled to produce 1,776MW of firm electricity when fully operational in 2011.

According to Taib, more dams will be built after Bakun, and construction work on Murum has started and is expected to be completed in 2013.

We are doing feasibility studies for dams in Baram and Ulu Baleh. And thats not the end of the story, because of our high potential to produce up to 28,000MW (from the 12 hydroelectric dams planned in Sarawak).

This is going to be the core of the development in Sarawak in the next 20 years. It will give us a development that is quite different from the past, he said, adding that the state was also examining the possibility of having second power line for the coastal areas.

Second Minister of Planning and Resource Management Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan had said on Nov 7 that Sarawak would have the capacity to export electricity if the Murum Dam, which could produce more than 600MW, was completed on time.

He also said the goal to export electricity to the peninsula could also be achieved with acceleration of the states hydroelectric expansion plans.

Tengah was also quoted in newspaper reports that Sarawak requested all the power from Bakun due to the needs of the aluminium smelter plants.


Just curious, will Bakun Dam be a competitor to SESCO?

Probably an IPP supplying SESCO.

I see carrots…err…durians dangling in front of Sarawakians’ nose :mrgreen:

i heard that it also supply to east malaysia… duno ture or not

Why do we need to 'lease Bakun hydroelectric dam from the federal government???
Bakun doesn’t belong to us???
Say no to any others future proposed dams in Sarawak!!!

what are you trying to say here, dude?

[quote=“Natashaaa”]Why do we need to 'lease Bakun hydroelectric dam from the federal government???
Bakun doesn’t belong to us???
Say no to any others future proposed dams in Sarawak!!![/quote]

I recalled this project was stalled at one point because state gov didn’t have enough money. Then federal bailout and decided to make the underwater cable to transfer the power across to west malaysia. Now the million dollar (or was it billion?) underwater cable is scrapped, looks like this is where they are heading instead. Don’t remember much about this white elephant already, kindly correct me if I am wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

and if not mistaken…they want to sell the power to Kalimantan also…