Badminton shoes

Where can buy cheap badminton shoes, my Dunlop don’t last long, lol

how much is cheap

actually i just want shoes with reasonable price… maybe 200-300… i don’t want shoes tat sell 200, but other shop sell 150 XD

Go for good quality ones like Asics… but normally i wait till LEA centre have their half price sales

Asics shoes i think very heavy ler >< i love Asics, have 1 for jogging, very comfortable… XD

li ning not bad… i jsut bought one from kk… RM200+

so far ><

for badminton… YONEX!!!



Hi tec.

i wear cheap dunlop bought from LEA during sales. rm29.9 can last me 1 year min. or more :mrgreen:

i suggest you visit Badminton Pro Shop, along jalan Miri - Airport rd, before JPJ.

They have range of badminton shoes, rackets, etc…

Thx, will check there, although I bought my shoes d

Wanna badminton shoes that last long, just buy any of the brand that u feel comfy (Dunlop/Asics/Yonex/Mizuno, or CAP PALANG) and ONLY use at the COURT, not even wear it when driving. I dunno others, but my YONEX SHB200 (me got BIG FOOT) last very very long, even now still look new alike, not even entering washing machine, got smell of coz, lol.

im using adidas indoor (cost rm 70+) … super lasting been 2 yrs…i’m waiting for it to spoil so i can get the new LCW yellow yonex …lol