Badminton group out there?

Hi there is there any group out there welcoming outsiders???

i would like to join any group will do. PLS !!!

if yes please do tell me the time and venue, thx in advance

pm me

me too haha

sorry guys, but i cant seem to pm you? its not linked to the pm page or etc…

u need more posts… ur post count is only 2

yea that’s the problem, perhaps u can tell me the location and time? that’ll be awesome

well i’m looking to join new groups… existing groups are kinda close knitted… so can’t invite

Guys i would like to join also…may i knw where you guys playing andwat time? thx…

guys… i’ve been bringing few of my friends sometimes to play on wednesday at 8pm at Tung Sport. But they’re in process of learning. I’m planning to make it weekly but i might only manage to do it once a week because i have my own badminton group also. If you all interested we can plan to make a badminton group that is if you all don’t mind joining together with some beginners also. I’ve 2 girls also in the group who sometimes joining us. PM me if you feel like you wanna join in.