Badminton Equipment in Miri

Hi all, where is the best place ( shops/courts ) in Miri to purchase badminton rackets? cheaper price and better quality… Any suggestion?

you can try Pujut 2 there look for Mr. Kong or Champion at centre point there.


Pujut 2 or Champion. That’s the best place

What’s the business hours for Pujut2? Thanks :slight_smile:

Anyone knows any place that can re-string my badminton racket? What’s the price range?

I usually do at champion, price depending on what type of string ur buying…

ohh ok. Thanks. Will drop by to find it out :smiley:

By the way, just to let you guys know House of Champion does sell RCL shuttlecock now which is quite popular in West Malaysia.

You can ask for 1 FREE RCL Shuttlecocks to test which costs around RM5 to RM6/pc. Moreover, every tube of RCL shuttlecock comes with a mini-shuttles which costs RM9.90 each.

Does HOC sell fake racket which is not original ?

What’s the address of Pujut 2 badminton shop/court :?:

But HOC champion is big, should be quite reliable. Anyway, remember to go there and grab a RCL shuttle to test…for sure it is ORIGINAL!

If anyone has tested RCL Shuttlecocks, can you give me some feedback? So that I know whether where to improve. thanks…

How much does one tube of RCL Shuttlecocks costs? Any review?

i used to buy rackets either hoc or pujut 2… but i wil prefer pujut 2 due to can try the racket b4 u buy it and the shuttlecock i used to use nw is KX AL N 22 cost RM 48…

Try Badminton Pro Shop

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri 10am 7pm
Sat 10am 5pm
Sun & PH 10am 2pm

LOCATION: Just before JPJ Miri, at the same roll of shops with Riam Caf & Chais Caf.

TEL: 085-611 522

A proper advice will be given to all my customers regarding:
How to choose a suitable racket.
What is my ideal tension?
The differences between 2 knots & 4 knots.
Digital VS Manual Stringing Machine.
How to avoid sports injuries.

Product brands include: Zon X, Li Ning, Pro Ace, Yonex, Apacs, Carlton, Protech, Gosen, Ashaway, Victor, Dunlop, and Fleet