Bad weather - be prepared

Recently I travel from KLIA to Kota Bharu (KB ) by MAS. My night flight landing at KB was aborted because of bad weather, return to KLIA at 11 PM . Another attempt to land at KB around 12.30 Am failed, returned to KLIA again.I was so tired inside the flight,just waiting to hit the hotel bed provided by MAS. But to my disappointment,the ground staff said there will be no hotel provided because the delay is not due to technical problem :frowning: :o . We were adviced to sleep in the airport chairs till our next flight at 8.30 AM . We were given food vouchers for burger and french fries for supper only. I pity the lady passengers who travelled in the same flight.

Finally our flight took off at 9.30 AM next day.We managed to reach KB at 10.15am. My taxi driver said the weather was bad few days but Air Asia flights landed the previous night !!. His comment " Air Asia pilots are more experienced compared to young MAS pilots ".

This is my first experience of long flight delay due to bad weather. I noticed Singapore airport has better facilities for stranded passengers compared to KLIA. Or was there facilities at KLIA which I didn’t notice ?

Any comments or advices from frequent travellers in this forum?.

Thinking about bad weather.
I guess they’re trying their best not to take risky chances. Besides that, it’s in a bad situation, what could one expect. At least they’ve tried right? haha
but lucky for you that’s your first experience. :slight_smile:
and yeah, bad weather is on the rise and. For those who’s planning to fly to KL around this season, be prepare for some air turbulence.

Well, providing hotel accomodation is another issue.

We all should be glad that the pilots young or old, are able to assess the situation whether to land or not to land. If their decision is not to land due to safety reasons, we should be glad they made that decision. Better be safe than sorry.

I rather to be safe arriving. Probably the “seniors” pilot in MAS has experienced such stuff before, or probably company rules.

Well Air Asia did land on the airport during the bad weather…but good thing MAS didnt do the same as Air Asia…even though they are experience…dont try to take the chances…they have to worried about the passanger as well…just like what old people say in Bahasa Malaysia "Malang Tidak Berbau"you dont even know what will happen next…

darn… i am taking JHB - MYY on the 15th… hope nothing bad happens…