Bad hats then, good folks now


Thursday August 3, 2006

Bad hats then, good folks now


MIRI: Police have been able to successfully rehabilitate underworld figures detained under the Emergency Ordinance as well as those placed under restricted residence, into good folk.

Most of them were held for involvement in gangsterism, drugs, secret societies and other illegal organisations.

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Director Datuk Fauzi Shaari said their success in transforming these underworld figures was through effective mental rehabilitation programmes.

The majority have successfully integrated back into society, and only a handful were repeat visitors, he said.

Usually, within their two-year detention period in centres like that in Simpang Renggam, we are able to rehabilitate them and to reintegrate them into society, he told a press conference here yesterday.

The overall success rate can be considered good, even though we have a small number who have their arrests extended up to three terms. This hardcore group refuses to be helped.

Fauzi was in Miri to attend the three-day 115th meeting between top Malaysian and Singaporean CID officers.

The Singaporean delegation was led by CID director Lock Wai Han while Fauzi headed the Malaysian team.

Fauzi said police in the two countries will step up cooperation in forensic technology, besides improving the exchange of information.

Fauzi said in the first six months of this year, police detained 403 people under the Emergency Ordinance, up from 282 between July and December last year.