Bad Apple in Police

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It will be more interesting to see what made hime to change?

Good story for a movie is happening in real life now…

Not getting good recognition, he joined the dark side.

Btw, who opens fire at a petrol station anyway? :shock:

Wow…A real life movie of “The Departed”…


Btw, who opens fire at a petrol station anyway? :shock:[/quote]

The security guard opened fire…Good point Ian…Not many thought about shooting in petrol station. :o …maybe thats what the intelligent robber was confident ,that no one will open fire in petrol station,but unforunately for him he came across less intelligent security guard.

If the fuel station blew up, the story would have been at the front page of a news media and another blockbuster will come up after this incident…

You know what would be a good source of income for Malaysia? Blockbuster movie scripts.

Hehehe… In Borneo Post today: “He’s a criminal, not a policemen…”

Sayang, all the training to be the best Policemen (UTK - very tough to finish this training) is a waste. :frowning: