Baby stuffs lelong

I need to sell off all my baby’s stuff…anyone can tell me how & where i can sell all this stuffs…will be moving in to our new home, & i dont want to bring all the junks to our house… :?: :?: :?: :oops:

Giveaway lo…Or sell it to BSMM 3R cantre if you don’t need to make some profit out of it.

u can have car poll sell at civic centre every sunday. RM10 per car park, supp human will come collect from u, don’t worry, they u give u back resit de.

u can sell whatever u want… but u have to be really early around 7am.

other seller will start at 7am already.

It would help if you could list down (or perhaps provide pictures) of the things you want to let go to allow readers to have an idea of what you have and they will get in touch with you.