Awkward and dangerous roundabout at Desa Senadin

I am sure those staying at Senadin have at one time or another use this small roundabout situated near to this pond or lakeside restaurant. The roundabout is not only small but the structure (with plants) in the middle is too high thus blocking the view of drivers in almost all directions when they are approaching or want to negotiate around that roundabout. It is also someone’s stupid idea to build the road divider which basically narrowed the lanes on both sides in that area.

I have seen motorists driving in the wrong direction when using this roundabout to avoid going around it (maybe they are trying to save wear and tear on their car steering system, to cut down traveling time or save a sen or two worth of petrol). It is better and safer to maintain a T junction here as the traffic is not that heavy and the view for the drivers will be clear.

Who is responsible for ensuring safety at this spot so a study can be done to rectify this dangerous situation? MCC?

Accidents or near misses may have occurred countless number of times. We should not neglect it till a fatality occurs.

I hope at least one of the city councillors read MC Net.

yeah~ those divider is so useless there. like wat b3@N2311 said, it narrowed the lanes…

i have a friend of a friend who kenak accident at this roundabout. But it’s his fault cause he sendiri use wrong way. Yeah, useless roundabout. But again, user sendiri shouldnt be using darn stupid ‘shortcut’ by steering opposite direction in the first place. Lame ppl!!!

since when is miri known for good road planning???

:mrgreen: yalah. den kenot blame mcc. so ppl, drive at 40km/h. wat to do~

its so gay…but i rarely use that way…

I dont know which roundabout is this. So kindly provide pictures please.

Every road around miri is not proper. Not sure if Sammy Bulu have somthing to do with the planing.

Sammy Bulu ady lepas tangan…

The road markings are almost invisible to the motorists. I have a near miss there recently and that is why I brought this up. If we all follow traffic rules of a roundabout by giving way to traffic from the right, then there will be no incident or accident or cursing or showing the middle finger. Worst thing is you may get the vulgar signals/signs even when you are not in the wrong or they give you that kind of weird stare. :mrgreen:

the car oso omost hidden…

hard to drift le lol

That roundabout kah? Oic…Hurm…yup i agree with you guys too.

pu neh…you drift at that corner? silap2 tergolek telanjang hoo…

Well, that’s the design of road in Malaysia…the road design is more towards beautifying the landscaping along the road rather than safety aspect. This will narrow the view of drivers to observe cars from few directions…