[Awareness]Nigeria's Illegal Oil Refineries

The impacts of illegal oil refineries are devastating.

Reuters photographer Akintunde Akinleye recently gained rare access to an illegal oil refinery near the river Nun in Nigeria’s oil state of Bayelsa. There, he was able to document the secret and dangerous practice of oil bunkering, where locals hack into oil pipelines, steal the crude oil, and refine or sell it abroad. For over 50 years now, crude oil and natural gas have been extracted from the Niger Delta by large corporations, which have had their share of environmental disasters. The ongoing damage from the tapped pipes and these makeshift refineries continue to take a terrible toll on the environment and the local population.

Do visit this link to look at the photographs taken.

source : http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2013/01/nigerias-illegal-oil-refineries/100439/

Nobody like to work in that condition. I guess they are so desperate looking for jobs they have to resort to such hardship.

Can’t their government give these people proper jobs?

Whatman, based on the article, those people were not working officially but they were stealing crude oils.

Yeah I know that. But I guess when they are desperate to bring food to the table they had to resort to this kind of activity.

Janji Ditepati???

i just realised their street standard looks similar with Sarawakian town…

sad thing is, many still have not realized how much better we should be…

sad thing is, many still have not realized how much better we should be…[/quote]

They are having oil stealing problem, we have illegal timber logging, land robbery, and now even illegal deal of oil companies and our king on our land. :evil: :cry:

NGO should raise awareness of our problem too, not only those in africa…

the road look like so standard…

thanks for sharing… thats really sad to see…

suddenly i remember the reply here, saying our sarawakian road condition are not much different from the 3rd world country standard… its been an issue in the newspaper lately

KUCHING: The I Am Malaysian project solo motorcycle rider, Syed Ahmad Abdul Hadi Syed Hussein, was appalled at the conditions of road infrastructure in Sabah and Sarawak which he found to be lagging behind those in the peninsula.
Having reached Kuching on Monday after his latest two month road trip which started from Sumatera, Indonesia, he said he did not expect to encounter such poor road conditions since both states were blessed with natural resources which had contributed much to Malaysias strong economy.
The impression I got was that I felt I was still riding in Kalimantan (Indonesia), only to realise that I was already in fact in my own country. Why is the quality of the road so bad? I do not think it should be the case because the country is rich with natural resources and the economy should be in better position (than the other countries).

KUCHING: The multi-talented Alex Wong, son of the late Datuk Amar James Wong Kim Min, is embarking on a journey of conscience to help families of individuals who have been mortally injured or crippled due to a myriad of bad road conditions fight in court.
His deadly serious offer also applies to the family of the late Paul Primus, should they want to sue.
Paul, 24, a Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency officer, died when his car plunged some 30 feet into a flooded open sewer construction site here on Wednesday.