Award for best public toilet in Sarawak


Award for best public toilet in Sarawak
16 Oct 2006

KUCHING, SARAWAK, MON: There will be a new award in Sarawak next year - the best public toilet in the state. The new category of excellence is part of the Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Appreciation Awards.

The award is to encourage cleanliness and good service among the operators, as public toilets in the country are well-known for being wet, smelly and dirty.

Sarawak Tourism Federation has introduced the award together with six more new categories as part of the states tourism campaign.

The six other categories are:

* Outstanding contribution by local government authorities, agencies and the private sector;

* Outstanding contribution by public transport operators;

* Outstanding contribution by hotels, lodging houses and homestay operators;

* Outstanding contribution by restaurants, cafes and hawker stalls to Sarawak's culinary delights;

* Outstanding creativity award by an individual; and

* Outstanding tourism task group.

Winners will be announced on Jan 12 next year.

Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism Sarudu Hoklai launched the nominations ceremony today.

should do something like this…

Last time, Taman Selera public toilet got ‘5 star award’ wat…now no star nemore…mmmuehehehe… :wink:

Any ‘1-star’ toilet meh…??

yeah…its called “longkang”.

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I thought they called it rumput in BM??

sarawak should open up a toilet college in order to make this award achieveable. Just like wat they did in Singapore. Got this one from and it’s very funny. … let_co.php

All this toilet business is making me wanting to wash mine too…

only ‘shorlisted user’ kah can use your toilet…??? :lol: :lol: opsss…