Automotive Video Streaming Thread

Here i go. No comments just pure video if possible = )

Best sound ever!

AWOL season 1 :smiley: DUBkorp babeh ~

Dubber style



how come ur nick change color dy? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

fuiyoooo naik pangkat oredi

Haha… must be year of the Rabbit… :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s a nice drift video! RC Drift that is! :wink:

Indeed it is the year of the rabbit = P … thanks for the greets. dun make my life hard here. = p

enjoy 2011 ~ :slight_smile:

anything from Ken Block is rubbish to be viewed - for me lah. :mrgreen: now this is pure adrenalin, with new world record to be noted.

Scary,i mean you could just fall of the edge if you’re not careful. Now like you said that’s pure adrenalin rush! :smiley: