Auto Detailing Shop in Miri

Hi, just wanna know if anybody in here knows whether there’s any great auto detailing center in Miri. And don’t mind if can give out the location and the price for the job. Thanks.

What sort of detailing are you looking at?

auto detail steel structure software ???

auto detailing which he referred to means a shop that can wash + polish + wax … but not something like the normal lauya car wash we have in miri. usually auto detail shop customers are expensive cars. their work must be very detail one… that’s why the name is auto detail…lol.

oh ! ooooo…car care center har ? nowadays who afford to pay such money to take care thier car ?

yup…i’m actually looking 4 a carcare centre which able 2 remove swirl marks n oxidation from d car’s paint. Making it like a showroom car instead of going 2 d workshop 4 new paint which costs more. So any1 out there got any gd recommendation?

It think it’s being referred as ‘rough waxing’ (“cu la”) by those doing paintwork to restore the shine. Most body shops will know this, but I don’t know if there are any which specially does this except for one called AutoGlym.

if theres any shop in miri doing that i would want to know… been looking for a place like that also. plus if got sell stuff like m81, m80 would be happy :smiley: ,

those “cu la” as you refer is actually rubbing compound which should only be managed by pros only. I’ve actually tried the compound b4 and made a mess to my car. After a few good waxing, i brought back the shine to my car’s paint. For some car wash shops in miri, “cu la” is refered to as polishing only. Which is mild and won’t damage the car’s paint. The reason I post this topic is to try to find out if there’s any market in it, cos in the U.S. autodetailing is very profitable.

I believe you are refering to Meguiar product M81 and M80… you can actually get them at the paint shop next to UMW Toyota…

Lone2200, why not try do it yourself… try it yourself and see how. I found this Meguair product and Iam actually still learning how to do the step properly.

Check out my older post on Meguiar Product.

smallee…hi, i’m going to try it out. As far as i know, the product you used on your car is not the main problem. The real deal here is the skill. yes, you are right by learning it step by step. But i still need to find out if there’s any1 in miri doing this kind of thing, so that i’m able to check out their prices and skills. I’ve enquired bout the pps system on car paints in kl bout dealership and training. But still looking into other options. Haven’t approach meguiar yet. Will do it in the near future.

Hmmm… that is true… it is better to send to the shop for a start, then it is much easier to take care your own later… i find it difficult to follow the step given by so support tech from Hypercoat as well… still have swirl mark on my car if u look closely… so me too… if this time home, cannot remove the swirl mark, i m also looking for machine job la…
so let me know as well if u found one in Miri with good reasonable price and workmanship… :wink:

dnt think der any shop in miri giving dis kinda service,dnt think der is a big demand yet…even car wash shops r jst simple washing… der is 1 tat jst open in Kuching i think… dnt knw if u wana drive a d way there… hehehe… The original car wash… dnt knw hw good is it …

Thanks, jul2305. I’ve heard of the original car wash in kch. Heard it’s opened by ting pek khing’s son. I think… :roll:

yeah,i think ur correct…read it sumwhere… hope he builts 1 here in miri…

if u guys rajin la. i learnt a lot from this forum, at least reduced the marks and do a proper way of car care … 3c6a3d44b5

One of Megashine member know someone in Miri doing this services on Mequiar product and i have seen the result on his car too, very nice shine like showroom condition and long lasting. will ask him about more info then.

that’s great news, lim pek. Hope you can get more info. Thanks.[/quote]

hrmmmm, meguiar’s products is really tat good??? if compared 2 other brands izit?? was thinking of buy n try bt price abit pricey la… almost rm100 per bottle… using turtle was nw, ok ka???

hrmmmm, meguiar’s products is really tat good??? if compared 2 other brands izit?? was thinking of buy n try bt price abit pricey la… almost rm100 per bottle… using turtle was nw, ok ka???[/quote]

U r right… their products are quite expensive actually comparing to the other product in the market.

Keep in mind, for new car… is better that we take care of them right from the beginning because once you get some scratches or swirl mark on the body, then we will have difficulties to remove it… that is wat I am facing now. I bought almost a full ranges of their products from Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner to Gold Class Clear Coat Car Wax … following the step that i learn from Meguair website… still I can see some swirl marks on some parts of my car… maybe I use try to use Rotary buffer to remove them one day which I would not prefer to do it myself becoz u have to know how to use a buffer on your car or else… Habis la…

Anyway… here is a link to our previous talk abt car caring…and hope u do find some interesting issue in it.

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