Authorities unhappy with gay confession

A 32-year-old man caused a stir with a daring confession on YouTube that he is gay, Metro Ahad reported.

His admission has drawn more than 38,000 viewers and over 600 comments since Wednesday, but it did not go down well with Islamic authorities, which felt that the man had tarnished his own image and Islamic precepts.

In his two-minute video clip, the man, who did not identify himself, said it took him quite some time to understand and convince himself that he was gay.

He admitted, however, that it was difficult to make such confession, considering religious and cultural taboos in the country.

The video, which has been uploaded on various websites, was purportedly part of a campaign in defence of the gay community.

Perak Mufti Datuk Sri Harussani Zakaria, clearly unhappy with the admission, said: Since he acknowledged himself to be a Muslim and a Malay, he should not have made such a confession.

In truth, he has derided his own dignity and Islam in general.

kesian… :mrgreen:

ridiculous…its the 21st century! who cares abt ur sexuality! so its ok for 14 year old girl to marry the much older teach but not okay for an ADULT to decide his own sexuality??? whankers!!!

err, i think whankers should be spelt without the ‘h’

i hate homo but salute to him for dat confession…

or could it be a hoax?
mayb like a research or art project?

“Saya Gay, Saya Ok”… :roll:

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kurang kes buang bayi…

Good one… :mrgreen: