Australia ranked second out of desirable countries to live a

Australia ranked second out of desirable countries to live and work
Created on Thursday, 19 April 2012 02:14 Written by Editorial staff

A new industry survey has found that Australia has made the top three in terms of countries that people would move to for employment and lifestyle changes.

According to the Global Professionals on the Move 2012 survey conducted by recruiting firm Hydrogen Group, the country has maintained its allure despite uncertain economic markets.

The report shows that 9 per cent of respondents picked Australia as their destination of choice - edged out only by the US on 13 per cent.

This number two ranking is the result of a number of factors, according to the researchers, who highlighted the ongoing resource boom and high quality of life as the two main points for consideration.

The report states: "Overall our respondents named Australia as the second most desired place to live and work.

“It was chosen by 9 per cent, and, unsurprisingly given its wealth of natural resources, was the most popular choice for those in the oil and gas sector.”

“Put simply, Australia is one of the best places in the world to live.”

While the glowing words of praise seem to paint the nation as a haven for professionals seeking a better life, the report also found issues that prevented more international business being done.

As migration agents are aware, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will be doing away with the Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) concessions for international travellers as of July 1 - a move which the report states could make the move “less accessible to overseas workers”.

Another point of concern for those looking to live and work in the country was found to be the stringent rules attached to employment-based visas.

However, the professor in charge of the research Raymond Madden explained that reforming these legal barriers would take time and dedication which could be “politically” difficult and that relaxing restrictions based on the sectors most in need could be a more viable alternative.

Mr Madden asserted: “Trying to implement a relaxation across the board would be almost impossible.”

That being said, the report went on to show that there was an increasing appreciation of what international travel could do for a professional’s career - with 86 per cent noting that it advanced their professional progression and 83 per cent finding that they experienced a boost in their salaries after a stint overseas.

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actually i think switzerland is a better place to live…but the price of the stuff over there quite high…

i dont think australia is the best place to live…

It says 2nd, not 1st.

which country is 1st then?