Hi all,
This topic is for us to share all those audiophiles (Singer/Songs/Albums/Record Lab) that you like.

For instance,
Susan Wong - I think she is one of the best Asian audiophiles singer.Just love her voices.
Emi Fujita - She’s a japanese audiophile singer.Also good voice.
Ayako Khawara - I’m not sure who she is but i’ve heard only one song from her with the title ‘So Nice’ and the song is just great.

There’s still alot more that i know of but hope that we can share it all here.


hmmm… is that have anything to do with Car Modification…

I think it is more to the music section… :roll:



??? lolz…

Maaya Sakamoto.

Lily chen - sweet gentle voice.
Susan Wong - seductive " hiao hiao" voice.
Chen Guo - kind of lazy lazy voice.

still got more actually… china singers whom are good. get them from popular book store lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Corrinne May

Enigma… Return to Innocence? :mrgreen:

Sheffield Lab Recording albums

King’s Singers…

If you can tahan the cheesiness :mrgreen:

this is a MUST for female vocal :stuck_out_tongue:

Recommend to you all some of my favourite female vocalist, try listen to them you wouldn’t go wrong.

I thought audiophile means hi-fi hobbyists or enthusiasts ? Anyway this thread has been moved to music section.

[quote=“g400g400”]Recommend to you all some of my favourite female vocalist, try listen to them you wouldn’t go wrong.

  1. [/quote]

Oh ya no. 1 is a rare gem. She has to more contemporary songs lah.

Joe Ling

personal favourites:
zhao peng - wulala
tsai ching - bu liao ching
lily chen - almost all her songs…(all time favourites)
olivia - love fools
emi fujita - (all time favourite as well)
susan wong - close to you album
diana krall - (all time favourite)
sarah brightman - fluer de mal
estrella - malaysian indie group… nice vocals…
sarah mclachlan - all time favourite
lara fabian - all time favourite as well…

there are some more but i couldnt remember their names…

+1 nothing bout audiophiles here at all =.=

Shot these recently

Avant Garde is cool