plz bcarefull those gamers dun buy anything from game city center in parkson.i bought a guitar. i ask wheter can play guitar hero 3 they say can with put even thinking bt when i took it back to play it cant play guitar hero 3 bt only aerosmith.i brought the guitar back they dun wan change ask me send to supplier to repair i dun wan i would wan a new wan. they dun wan to give so thats y.just bcarefull if ur sending ur ps2,psp,x box360 o buying anything from there .they are being dishonest to their customer they might lie to u olnly at games city center.

this is why i buy most of my things online these days.

realy?damn manh

wat u mean game city center… game city center is closed for almost a YEAR. that shop is now game center. the boss is very friendly… i think ur just lying bout this.

u think?dun judge a book by its cover

which floor r u refering?now thre a new shop at levle 3 new wing open also…last time owner with long hair.

thanks for the info babi. We will be careful next time. But mind telling me which shop are u referring to exactly?

the shop at 1st floor the one at macdonald’s floor

O.O ooh… the one near the escalator? :shock:

ya the best made a good pr where all mc ppl here say he is good. hahah

ooo that shop … i bought my xbox360 rechargeable battery and charging cable at a very low price … the original price was 115 and they willing to sell it to me for RM88 cool …


lol~ u are the owner? or u a friend of the owner? why helping ?

y not make a report with MTI ()

Hello my Friend ( Babi ). I would like to inform you a few things here.

  1. I will be banning you from continuing using this nick as I think it is not an appropriate nick name to use and it is making a fool out of yourself.

  2. I will locked this thread as I am not sure if your statement or awareness statement is true or not.

So my advise is, get all the fact and also register another nick using different nick which is more appropriate for others to call you.