ATTENTION! Beware of Chinese National Conmen!

Unfortunately i was been conned too a year ago. A lady in her late 30’s approach me while i’m sitting in my car waiting for my wife at waterfront. Followed by an old ladies in her 60’s who claimed to be the mother & which they claimed they’re still waiting for their boss from hongkong to arrive miri & had no money & needed a hotel to stay. They kept on pursuing me to give them just a lil $$ that’s enough for them to survive for 1 night. Of cos, i only left $20 in my wallet so i gave it to them by saying, “it’s for u & ur mom’s dinner. i’ve nothing left in my wallet”. They gave me a name card too & promise to pay back which i doubt very much as i knew it was all a scam in the first place. If u ask why i’m still giving, the key word here is still sympathetic loh… Only $20 mah…

yea now i remember…dats exacly wat happened to me…i jz parked ,got off my car n they approach me…

only $20 mah?
but they probably make more in a day than you or i.

why stop them?
because others who are not as smart as you might get conned 150 bucks or more of their hard earned money as a result of their good hearts.
because those people who are in real trouble and need help in the future will not get helped after everyone have paid their school fee to these conmen.

adeh…susah juga ni…just becareful la…

Malaysian especially are a very heart warming and caring people in general. It’s been planted in us to respect our elders and be a well mannered people and so on… It’s a good thing also.

But, there are some people, in this case foreigners that take advantage of our generosity’s and kindness for their own personal gain. I’ve been to countries outside of Malaysia, and I’ve been to the worst part of the world…

You cannot show any kindness or sympathy even though it breaks your heart… why? If you show kindness, they will either rob/kill you. But here, I don’t mean being rude, don’t get me wrong. Just ignore, be firm, watch your back… and move away. Always be in a crowd, not cornered by 2-3 people. If you feel cornered… walk away and ignore them… they can’t do anything else to you. Don’t talk back to them or talk to them. Just ignore. You’ll be fine. If you are in a car. Close you window and lock the door… Turn a deaf ear. Mean? no… it’s your general safety. Never irritate them or be rude to them. Just Ignore.

After all this is done. Go to police station and make police report. You can use that report also to make complains to the immigration department, as I am sure they are on a visitors VISA. Malaysian immigration is trying to filter this people out from Malaysia, but for diplomatic reason, we can’t turn them back at immigration point. With this reason, we can send them back home, after spending few days/night in jail. We must be strong about this. If not, soon Miri or Sarawak even will be overrun by these aliens. We must defend our shores against foreign invaders that come to our peaceful city to cause havoc and trouble.

RM 150? wow, not bad. very generous person. a bit high for school fee though…[/quote]

School fee in buying a lesson, not to trust stranger so easily.
But, these con men are very good in influencing your mind!

yeah … i agree with u…just ignore and walk away… tats the best thing to do :lol:

got accosted in the coffee shop by two very old ladies,
dressed in traditional grey nun attire.
letter said that their monastry in ‘Dong Shan’ (?) province had been burnt down.

both so Very sweet, so i made small donation.
ppl’s eyes when lighting up, show much emotion,
& the two very old ladies were very gratefull.

(do the Shaolin monks train lady killers?!)

Yeah i remember this, i kena too near the waterfront there and they tell the same story, at the end i give them RM50 for food, but they keep asking to give them 300 to 500 for hotel & cloths, i was regret when i hear this and realise i was conned. Luckily i can control my emotion about the syimpathetic at the end not to give them more cause i have lot of cash in wallet at that moment.

Some people are really facing problems de. I remember last week I went to 88 Cafe for breakfast and this old man approached me for donation. He never said anything but I immediately gave him some money because the last time I saw him, he was being bullied i’m not sure by his children or whom and they were working adults. I heard them shouting, DONT EVER FIND ME AGAIN YOU FAG! YOU"RE A DISGRACE TO ME! Guess some people are really so cold-hearted to thair parents.

Here my tips for you to avoid being conned. Its works for me 100%:

  1. You wan donation? Take their picture using HP camera or what ever camera you have. Say that this is an assurance for what they intended for.

  2. When they asking business, just say to them. What your website name? e-mail? employer name? company registration number, Permit and some legal stuff? Plus take their picture again. If you’re on notebook connect to WIFI to show you’re serious.

  3. If they still insist ask them to leave behind the address so that you can send the cash cheque to their address, eventually you’re not.

  4. Just say you from LEMBAGA HASIL DALAM NEGERI, where’s your ID.

  5. If they approach to you quickly YOU ask for donation from them before they ask for donation.

  6. Get a cam and take their picture.

how you know the old man didn’t do anything wrong or may be still doing it wrong? what if he use the money you gave him to buy drugs, or alcohol?


how you know the old man didn’t do anything wrong or may be still doing it wrong? what if he use the money you gave him to buy drugs, or alcohol?[/quote]

…or gamble? U made a point there mr. SH.