ATTENTION! Beware of Chinese National Conmen!

Dear fellow members,

Please be informed that there is a group of Conmen comprising of 3 men and 1 woman on the loose in Miri. They would appeared to be very decent looking, well mannered and smartly dressed. They’re very professional and cunning in cheating money by saying that they’re lost / being robbed / etc and needed some money to stay for a night so that another group of their business associates arrived the day after. They will make promises to return back your money once they got hold of their friends and they will ask for your contact number and so on. In order to convince you further, one of them who goes by the name “Yang Fu Min” will hand you a name card saying the he is the General Manager of a certain company back in Changsha, Hunan, China which looked like below. Please beware and spread this news to all your friends and family.



You kena already kah?

Thanks for the friendly reminder though…

People from Mainland China are very
cunning… Watch out!

I got an email from a friend concerning this matter. We just have to watch out and be very careful

:shock: This is the one you were asking about yesterday…

vixious, so how mch you gave them?

next time you guys should take photo of these people with your phone and post them here mah…

sorry my phone no camera.

this is what i received from HR yesterday:


This could be a one off incident or it can happen again. Please be careful.
8th April around 6:35pm, car park area in front of Miri Office

A colleague was approached by a man of Chinese national. He was spinning a sad story to gain our colleagues sympathy to part with her money. At the time, both sides of her window were half down, doors were locked. He was leaning on the passenger side window while talking to her. At the end of these five minutes encounter, she felt compiled to give him the money though initially she kept telling him that she has no money. Luckily for her, she happened to have only $10 in her purse and even showed her purse to the man when he insisted for more.

As she left and approached the traffic lights in front of Maybank, she had a strong urge to withdrawal $500 for the man. At the same time, she also felt the urge to return home and fed her dogs. The urge to feed the dogs won and upon reaching home with the dogs barking madly, she felt suddenly awaken. At this stage she was asking herself why she gave away her $10 that was meant to buy bread that evening.

This morning as she related the incident, these are what she can recall:

  1. the man is in a group of five out of which one is a lady
  2. while the man was talking to her, the other four were standing not far off in group of two.
  3. they are smartly dressed
  4. they are of Chinese nationality
  5. she was not aware of any person within the vicinity when she entered her car.
  6. she did not smell of anything unusual
  7. she felt she was in a daze until awaken by the dogs barking[/i]

Nothing voodoo about it. Simply suggestions, psychology & misdirection tricks on your mind.

Kena “Pukau”. Is that what is it called?


I’m just helping to spread the news.

The victim only confirmed to me last nite she been conned off as she didn’t receive any phone call as promised.

She gave RM150 to them.

seem to me they mostly target ladies.

huh??? vixious you had been cheated?? really?? OMG if next time see him whoop his butt !!!

Gees… since when I become a she? :shock:

Direct him to go to the police station. Tell him that the big blue/white building in the center of town is the police station. You know the one I mean. The blue/white building that says “MegaHotel” on it.

Yup… yesterday still not confirm mah… so, cannot disclose yet loh… I didn’t show you the whole name card is because my colleague don’t think it’s appropriate to do so until the whole thing is confirm.

Gees… since when I become a she? :shock:[/quote]

ahemmm… vix i think u quoted the wrong msg… :-I

i ever got con of rm 50 in boulevard around last yr… that guy gave me a name card smt like wat u showed…

he said he lost his wallet bla bla bla…wanna borrow rm 50 cos cant go back… gimme his name card n hp number…
reli dunno why i gave him the money …maybe got hypnotist or smt…
the nx day try calling him …he did anwer n say will look for me soon…after dat he never ans his calls…
damn stupid of me for being sympathetic…

Wah… all these cases so damn scary lah in Miri :shock:
Hypnotising / “pukau” people os the most scary thing to happen cos’ one will never know what he / she is thinking and doing at that time.
Hmmm… nowadays anything can happen. :frowning:

RM 150? wow, not bad. very generous person. a bit high for school fee though…

RM 150? wow, not bad. very generous person. a bit high for school fee though…[/quote]

Why so?

Gees… since when I become a she? :shock:[/quote]

ahemmm… vix i think u quoted the wrong msg… :-I[/quote]

hahaaa…simply quote :mrgreen: