Atc one car dvr

Dual lens or Single lens with GPS capability. G Sensor enable. Archlink Tech speciality software for GPS real time map display.

Dual lens record at 960x360 x 2 (1920 x 720) Single lens record at 1280 x 720 IrDA capability to enhance night recording

H.264 compression 1.3M pixel camera resolution 2.7’ color panel

GPS ( HD 720P@1280 x 720 960x360 @1920 x 720 8 120 2.7 16:9 ARCHLINK TECHGPS Micro SD 32GB

Malaysia Region Retail Price: RM799.00 per set. 1st Batch Introductory Price: RM629.00 per set. ( For limited quantity, first come first serve!) … nt_count=1

how to laku your product if not photo… ???

Auk gbr utai nyak nti dik ka nyual ya kaban? Nda nemu utai dik tuk…bengap…nda mereti…