Asus VivoPC Coming To Malaysia May or June 2014


Asus last year introduced a compact form one computer, named as Asus VivoPC. Now, it is seen to be present to the Malaysian market soon, where the Asus target date around May or June for it to be sold in the Malaysian market.

However, the Asus model VivoPC which will enter the local market is still unknown at the moment. There are two models introduced earlier, which uses Intel Celeron chip and also another in a choice of Intel Core.

Asus VivoPC intended for people who want a mini-sized computer, while using very little space compared to traditional desktops. Asus also promises fast internet connection speed to use, as well as good audio support.

The selling price is still unknown at the moment, and probably more related information will be known when approaching the date of introduction to the local market VivoPC later.

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This is nothing new. Dell did it with Inspiron Zino. Too bad it went out of production. I now use Android TV dongle.